How we can help

TEG is a specialist engineering services’ company providing tailor made solutions to the aviation, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Headquartered in Ireland, the company supports clients in over 30 countries with fast and effective solutions.

As an EASA Part 21(G) approved production organisation, TEG is approved to manufacture new aircraft parts up to and including primary structural elements for aircraft. The company is authorised to sign EASA Form 1, the document necessary to install a part onto a passenger carrying aircraft. Such responsibility and accountability requires a high level of discipline, expertise and training.

The same techniques are used by TEG to supply the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry with custom designed wash racks for sterile fill parts and format change parts for solid dose blister packing.

As a privately owned company, TEG has a shareholder commitment to reinvest 100% of annual earnings into capital equipment, business development and training. This enables TEG to take a long term view for the development of the business.

Recognising the need skilled staff availability to support the business, TEG adopts the apprenticeship system of training. Each year the company recruits 5 new apprentices for an intensive 4 year training program in Toolmaking. In addition, all staff are required to keep up to date on the latest techniques in CAD, CAM, CNC Machining, Surface Treatments, Assembly and Design. This ensures the best possible outcome for the customer.

The expertise of TEG is now widely recognised by customers, who value the relationship established over many years and appreciate the culture of customer support and business partnership. The tag line of TEG is ‘We are integral’. Many customers will attest to that based upon personal experience.