Rapid Protoyping

A highly experienced team of dedicated Design Engineers use the latest CAD/CAM packages to design bespoke products and parts, according to each customers exact requirements. Accurate measuring equipment and software are used to create drawings which allows for precise modification or replication of parts.

Designs prepared on the CAD system are imported electronically to the CNC production machines without the need for human intervention. This significantly improves the quality of machining.

Design Overview

  • NX Unigraphics is the CAD package. The same system is also used by Airbus to design aircraft.
  • Design of blister format in 3-D available to customer in a 3-D pdf file for review
  • Reverse engineering of customers existing Pharma tooling for subsequent design modification
  • Electronic transfer of 3-D model directly to CNC machining centres to reduce potential for errors.
  • Fabrications and assemblies can be designed in 3-D and any subsequent modifications implemented before production.
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Rapid tooling capabilities
  • Detailed 3-D concept presentations created